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I am advertising-friendly here at VB Creations. This is still a beginner blog, so I'm currently only taking part in sponsor swaps. I'm looking for approximately 10 blogs to swap with. Depending on the level of interest maybe more. 

How it works:
- I display your button on my blog, and you do the same with mine.
- You can do a guest post for me. I will let you know which day the guest post will be featured so you can tell your blog readers. 
- You will be mentioned on other social media websites like Twitter and Facebook at least once during the month, and I expect the same in return. 
- Optional: I will host a giveaway for you.

Sponsor swaps will happen on a monthly basis. Meaning as long as there is just little interest, I will be happy to keep your button up as long as you're displaying mine. When there is more interest, I will swap old sponsors for new ones. I will be in contact if at the end of your month I will be switching sponsors. If this happens, I am more than happy to swap with you again. Just send me an email telling me you're still interested. 

E-mail me right away if you would like to take part:

thebestdays [@] live.ca

Please specify that you're writing about VB Creations blog, as I have two blogs linked with my email address. 

If you're interested in paid advertising though, just shoot me an email. 

VB Creations

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