Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Very Cheap (DIY) Super Mario Nursery Decor

When I found out I was pregnant I knew we could never afford to go crazy with her nursery decor. I would've loved to spend tons of money and have a beautiful, elegant nursery but instead I went cheap. I bought most of her furniture second-hand, and I created almost all of her decor by hand. 

We went with a Super Mario/Princess Peach theme for her room, and thought about spending the money on wall decals and what not, but in the end I made it all myself - and I made it out of cardstock and bristol board. Yes, I made all her decor out of paper. Seems crazy, but it turned out better than I expected. 

Here it is: 

Everything is tacked onto the walls with sticky tack, and everything is all still firmly in place except for these hills. They were too heavy and need more holding them at the top. I never did get around to putting them back up though. 

A bigger view of the room, plus the cloud, which never got its own photo. I guess I forgot.

Hand painted wooden Super Mario stars. (See tutorial here)

Bob-Omb lamp (See tutorial here)

Can you guess which part of the nursery took the most time and effort to make?

More photos of the baby nursery posted here.

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Sarah said...

That is really cute!! Such creatuve ideas! :)


Lauren said...

Oh my! This is awesome. If we were having a boy the nursery would have surely been Mario. This is just as I had imagined it. Looks great! Stopping by way of Tip Junkie's linky party.

Dawn said...

I really like this theme; my brother got an NES for Christmas waaaay back in the day, so we always played it together. Later, we would tag-team Mario Party games on N64. So, yes, I approve of this theme. :) Also, I congratulate you on your lovely new daughter, and hope you are able to get all of your maternity leave cards done! That is an awesome idea. Good luck building your photography as well! ...I couldn't originally decide which of your blogs to explore and comment on. Haha.

Chrissy said...

My boys love love love Mario!! This is so cute!! I'm a new follower, your Skor bars look amazing too!!

Tonia @ TheGunnySack.com said...

What a cute theme! My kids LOVE Mario so they would think this was super cool!

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