Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Super Mario Lamp Tutorial

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You know Bob-omb from Super Mario? Sure you do.

I made a Bob-omb lamp for my baby's Super Mario / Princess Peach themed bedroom. I found the idea on After a trip to the thrift store, I found two lamps that could be turned into Bob-omb lamps ($3.99 CDN each) and bought one of them.

It was a glossy green color, and I wasn't sure how to go about painting it. Spray paint may have been easier, but I got a bottle of black Gloss Enamel from Michael's ($2.99 CDN) which may not be flawless, but seems to have gone on very nicely.

Here's how I pulled it off: 

Bob-omb Lamp

- Plain lamp with round base, easier if you manage to find a black one - $4
- Black spray paint - $5-10 (or in my case, gloss enamel & paint brush - $3)
- Two wooden circles painted yellow for the feet - $1
- White paint for the eyes (I used gloss enamel for this as well, but any white would do - $3)
- Black paint marker - $3 (optional, but basically saved me)
- Lamp shade to finish it off - $5-8
(My total cost: $15-20)

- Paint the lamp black
- Paint on some white eyes
I had the hardest time with this because I didn't draw them, I just winged it. Not a good idea. Then I tried to touch them up with a white paint marker, but the paint marker was a horrible one (way too runny!) and almost messed the entire thing up. I finally just did a messy job with the glossy paint, and touched it up with the better-quality black paint marker (just a Wal-Mart brand). The black paint marker was amazing. 
- Paint your feet yellow then glue them on the bottom
You can also spray the feet with an acrylic sealer to make them a little more shiny and finished looking. It will also protect them from getting scratched up as easily.

Check back to see what else I created for my daughter's Super Mario bedroom.


Tonia @ said...

FUN!! My kids LOVE Mario so they would like this in their room! I'm sorry about my button! I posted the wrong is supposed to say height="150" width="200" but I put the opposite! Ooops!

Karima said...

What a great idea! Karima

mom2lo said...

Love this!! I want to make one for my son's Mario room but I can't find anything even close to it! Where did you find yours?

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