Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rubber business stamp

I'm sure you've heard of Vistaprint. I'm always seeing ads for their free business cards. Their business cards are great. I've got two different sets from them. One set I even got free shipping on. It really is a great deal. 

But lately I've come across and even better deal from them. I think it was limited time, but free or not I love it. It was for a free rubber stamp like so:

I decided to get one for my crafting blog, since I make a lot of handmade cards and wanted them to link back to me somehow without having a big tacky stamp on the back. Vistaprint did not disappoint. This is my stamp:

This is the size of my stamp compared to the size of a penny. It's super tiny, but still legible. Just what I wanted. 

If you're looking for something similar, give Vistaprint a chance. Right now the stamps are only $11.99 cdn. While you're at it, get some business cards. 

Excuse the horrible quality photos - I conveniently lost the battery charger for my SLR camera and my cheap digital camera doesn't always do what I'd like it to. 

* I wasn't compensated for this at all - this is just my honest opinion. 

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