Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DIY Halloween Projects and Recipes

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Thanks to Pinterest, and all kinds of crafty blog hopping, I've come across so many projects I would love to try. Pinterest is amazing for keeping track of them all. Especially with my latest interest - which is DIY Halloween decor. I've always loved Halloween. It might have something to do with being born near the end of October or something to do with being a junk food fanatic, but either way I've always loved Halloween. I get filled with a little sense of excitement just from looking at some of the Halloween decorations in the stores. 

Here are just a few Halloween projects I've come across today that I really like. I doubt I'll get around to doing too many, with little baby on the way any day now, but I love looking.

Spider Web Plate. Looks so simple to make, yet so cute on display. 

Googly-eye Frame. Just because I already have that exact frame! And cause the googly-eyes are awesome. 

Candy Corn blocks. I love love wooden crafts. I need someone to cut me some candy corn-shaped wood like right now. Or how about something edible like the Candy Corn Parfait

How adorable are these fanged pumpkins? Or Slouchy fabric pumpkins?

Looks a little harder, but very cute Halloween magnets.

Or these Painted Jar Luminaries?

I love this idea of DIY Halloween soap. They would make a great party favor or a little extra something to give out at Halloween that isn't just junk food. 

And Lazy Mocha Frappuccino to sip on while you work on the projects. Cause caffeine is my best friend.

Link up any of your own DIY Halloween projects or recipes, whether is be something you just did or something you worked on another year. Or find one to try out and link up next week.

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Please link up to the actual post, not just your general blog link. If we can't find the Halloween post, where's the fun in that?


Theresa said...

Hi, I'll try and find some Halloween fun to link up or a recipe. Feel free to post this in the forum so others can link up too!
@ DearCreatives.com ;)

Annie-Savor This Moment said...

Hope you don't mind that I linked up a few posts! I didn't have a picture of Witch's Brew, so I thought a picture of me would be appropriate. ;)

Katie said...

Thank you for mentioning my Halloween Spider Soap. I linked up my Lifesize Spider Web with Webbed Accessories. I made the web 2 years ago and the accessories last year! :)

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