Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coming soon at VB Creations

I'm planning on having my official 're-opening' of VB Creations, both the blog and the Etsy shop, this coming week.

My Etsy shop will be featuring all never-before-seen greeting cards, handmade by me. Everything I've made up until now I feel fits more into the practice category, rather than sell-able inventory, so I'm working on a ton of new stuff. In the past day, I've been working on both feminine and masculine graduation cards and I can't wait to get them posted. (To see a few earlier samples of my cards, here are posts containing some of my handmade cards). 

Coming up on the blog, I plan to talk about some of my favorite crafting products, some projects I've been working on since I stopped blogging, as well as talking about organizing your craft space, some Etsy tips, and more. 

In the meantime, feel free to browse some of my earlier posted projects. 

Handmade Projects

Decorative Name Letters (with Mod Podge)

Super Mario Decor



Handmade Cards

I can't wait to get back into business. For good this time.

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